Randy & Celina | Engagement

We've been all about the weather here lately! It's been a fairly wet and windy winter! Instead of running from it like last season, I've decided to embrace it. I started this year with the resolution of focusing more on the spontaneous moments during my sessions - the laughs, the small gestures and the emotion. You know one of my favorite ways to do this? Embracing the weather that you're given! Let your hair blow with the wind, be willing to get a little dirt on your shoes or jump into the waves and get the hem of your pants a little damp. 

Randy & Celina did exactly this during their engagement session when it actually started to hail! I've lived in California my entire life and I've only seen hail this size a handful of times - it was so crazy but so fun. They handed it like total champs and still had so much fun together.  I can't wait for this beautiful couple's August wedding!